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The Rice Vialone Nano Decorazione

Vialone Nano  

Excellent for rich and tasty risotti for its estate of cooking and the ability to absorb the seasonings. 
It happened only  in the XIX century that people started  to distinguish the different varieties of this rice. In 1937 there was the creation of a new variety gotten for intersection and following selection of the Vialone with the Nano. The new variety, classified in the semifinis, was denominated Vialone Nano. Of the varieties of rice cultivated today in Italy, the Vialone Nano is the most ancient among those constituted for hybridization.  

For the ability to absorb the seasonings and the estate of cooking, the Vialone NanoMantovano is particularly suitable for the risotti, among which the most known is the "risotto alla pilota."
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pixel The Consortium of Guardianship Terra di Virgilio
pixel Chamber of Commerce in Mantua 
pixel Greedy Mantova (Municipality of Mantova)
Discover the typical rice recipes
Packing vacuum-packed
Size L.110mm. x P 51 mms x H. 210 mms
Net weight Kg. 1
Unity of sale Carton from 12  package from Kg. 1
Size  L.230 mm. x P 380 mms. x H 240 mms
Net weight for 1 carton Kg 12
Prezzo Euro 22,00 per carton
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