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pixelThe province of Mantova is extraordinarily rich in culture and natural beauties and the city itself is an occasion for the tourists to return to a more human dimension. Around the two central places, Sordello place and delle erbe Place, the city of Mantova has a numerous itineraries of great value, countersigned by the names of Andrea Mantegna, Leon Battista Alberti, Giulio Romano, Antonio Bibiena, the family Gonzaga.  The "virgiliano" chief town is an appointment for all the periods of the year, where you will enjoy yourself at the many events at Palazzo Te, at the many naturalistic and eno-gastronomic itineraries of the province, at the navigation on the river Mincio and at the Natural Park.

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pixel Mantova city of art and culture: the castle of San GiorgioMantova city of art and culture: the castle of  San Giorgio
Why to Costavecchia
There are many reasons to spend a week-end at the Corte Costavecchia. You can find a shelter in the beautiful environment of the risaie, a fascinating world where art, flavours and tastes of the eno-gastronomic products pick the appetite and where the calm of the sourraunding lands invite the mind to a rest. It is also an occasion to discover the noble city of Mantova and the principal cultural places near the city.
  • Mantova  (Km 6)
  • Sabbioneta ( Km 30)
  • San Benedetto Po ( Km 23)
  • Grazie (Km.15)
  • Parco delle Bertone (km 12)
  • Parco Giardino Sicurtà (Km 25)
  • Borghetto (Km.27)
  • Verona (km 25)
  • Lago di Garda (km 35)
  • Uscita Mantova Nord (km.5)

Sirmione, Garda lake
Sirmione, Garda lake
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  Week end in Mantova: our proposals  
For a week end in Mantova we propose you a program that comprehend art, culture and nature:
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pixel First day 

Visit to the city of Mantova and its principal monuments:  
the Palazzo Ducale with the very famous Bridegrooms by Mantegna

the Palazzo Te, summer abode of the dukes of Mantova and architectural masterpiece by Giulio Romano.

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Assessorato per il Turismo della Provincia di Mantova
  pixel Second Day 

From Mantova to the Grazie Sanctuary. With the motorship you cross the Superior Lake, and  you sail along the line that connects Mantova to the Grazie. You can admire the natural reserve of the Valleys of the Mincio where the Ninfees and Lotus flowers bloom.  

You can reach the Grazie visit the famous sanctuary, rich of ex-vote, destination of the popular devotione.

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Parco del Mincio

Pro Loco di Rivalta sul Micio
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The Basilica of Sant Andrea    The seventeeth century Theater Bibiena 
The S. Andrea Cathedral 
The seventeeth century  Theater Bibiena 
And more...
 Mantova and its territory offer a lot of possibilities  to spend a pleasant week end in the “Gonzaga”capital. Here are some suggestions:

pixel City   tour 

Not to lose: the tour of the historical squares (Sordello, Castle, S. Barbara), the merchant squares (Broletto, delle Erbe) with some historical churches (Duomo, S. Andrea and Rotonda di S. Lorenzo).

Required time: half a day/1 day

pixel Shopping in the city  

A visit in the city of Mantova is also the right occasion to do shopping in the center of the town.
Required time: 1h 30min  

S. Sebastiano Palace
and Andrea Mantegna House  

S. Sebastiano Palace and the civic collections, the private house of the great Renaissance master.
Required time: 2h 

pixel D'Arco Palace  

Of great interest and suggestion is the abode of the family D’Arco with the original seventeenth century furniture. To visit: the Zodiac saloon.

Required time: 1h 30min 

  Piazza Broletto a Mantova
Shopping in the center of the city
pixel Bertone Park 

You can visit the villa, partially restructured, the wood with the little pond, with an extension of 7 hectares.
Required time: half day
pixel The Fountain wood

That’s all what remains of the forest that once covered the whole Pianura Padana. To the inside a Five hundred century castle can be visited,  erected  from the Gonzagas as hunting residence. .
Required time: half day/1 day
Wood of the Fountain   The  hunting villa of the Gonzagas
The Fountain wood
The Gonzaga hunting residence
Afoot and by bicycle
Mantova offers a lot of possibilities for the people who love walking or going by bicycle. Here are some suggestions:
By bicycle
pixel Tour by bicycle between the castles (25 Kms.)
pixel The lakes by bicycle
pixel Itinerary by bicycle (or train-bicycle):
Mantova - Angeli - Grazie - Rivalta - Rivalta Centro Parco- Sacca - Bertone - Bosco Fontana - Mantova (48 km.)

pixel The “virgiliano”park
On the immediate outskirts of the city, this park contains the principal arboreal essences quoted by the poet Virgilio in his works.
pixel The Mantova lakes
Near the city center along the banks of the lakes, the Mantova inhabitants use to spend their Sunday walking and relaxing themselves.

To know more:
Parco del Mincio
Amici della bicicletta


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